VETIVER SOURCE sells the cleanest cut and sifted (C/S) Vetiver root on the market. Minimal dust and leaf matter.  Sold by the pound, $15/each, plus USPS shipping.



          Tissue culture creates an exact replica (or clone) of the original Vetiver plant placed into production.  We propagate thousands of little plants in our sterile laboratory, all from tiny parts of a superb mother Vetiver plant.  These in vitro plants are grown in vessels containing nutrient-rich gel under temperature and light-controlled conditions, until they are sold as Stage 2 and Stage 3 plantlets.  

          VETIVER SOURCE sells Vetiver directly to your nursery either as unrooted (Stage II) or rooted (Stage III) starts that have never had contact with soil.  Since the Vetiver plantlets are shipped directly from our laboratory, most restrictions to import are avoided. 

  • Advantage:  Uniformity, smaller volume for shipping ease, pricing.
  • Minimum order: 2,500 plantlets. 
  • Contact us for price and availability.   


     VETIVER SOURCE sells hardy bare-root Vetiver slips directly from its field to you!  We are happy to private label and/or drop-ship directly to a job site according to the work requirements.  Simply contact us to make arrangements.

  • Advantage: Vigor, installation readiness.
  • Minimum order: 2,000 slips. 
  • Contact us for price and availability.       

      VETIVER SOURCE will provide all necessary documentation to enable the Buyer to comply with its state or country's customs and/or quarantine obligations.  Please note, however, that the Buyer ultimately is responsible for satisfying those import requirements.